About Meliora

Meliora is a latin adjective meaning ‘in the pursuit of something better’ and here at Meliora Psychology we believe not only in supporting our clients to achieve better things, but to also continuously commit to bettering ourselves as clinicians and as an organisation. 

Meliora has been created to offer psychological services and supports to all members of our community. At Meliora we recognised that there are many members of our community who face unique challenges, such as the neuro-diverse, differently-abled, and LGBTQIA identifying, and so we endeavoured to create a trauma-informed and inclusive therapeutic space for everyone.

At Meliora we offer individual therapeutic supports including: psychotherapy; EMDR; Autism/ADHD, clinical and forensic assessments; and therapeutic groups. We also provide professional supports in the form of Employee Access Program provisions, reflective practice, consultation, professional development and corporate retreates, and professional supervision. If there’s something we don’t offer at this time that you think we should, we welcome your feedback and suggestions through any of the means listed on our Contact Us page.

Who We Are

William Wainwright
Psychologist, Director

BA Psych (Hons), MA, MCrim

William Wainwright is a forensic psychologist and registered supervisor with 20 years’ experience working across many government and non-government organisations. William has worked in-depth in the forensic field including sexual and violent offending with adults, juveniles and intellectual disabilities. He has run a successful private practice and acted as an expert in court on numerous occasions and consulted and trained a variety of audiences, including federal and state police, judges, lawyers, DHHS workers, child protection workers, corrections workers and prison officers. William’s specialist areas include behaviour support, working effectively with intellectual disability around the management of sexualised and aggressive behaviours, staff self-care and management of vicarious trauma, risk assessments and environmental management.

Adanna Jean 
Psychologist, Director

BA, BSocSc (Psych) (Hons), MCouns, MProfPsych

Adanna has over 10 years experience within the mental health and community welfare settings, and has worked in Australia, London, and Dublin. Adanna primarily works with adolescents and adults with experiences of depression and anxiety, trauma, and experience of disability. Adanna has a special interest in supporting members of the LGBTQIA+ community, those who hear voices, and neurodivergent folk (autistic and ADHD neurotypes). Adanna’s practice is trauma-informed and draws on a relational, compassion-based approach and incorporates evidence-based interventions from Trauma-informed Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Internal Family Systems (IFS) into her work. Adanna is also a provider of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), is currently undertaking training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), and is a registered supervisor.

Adanna works with her therapy dog Juniper, a pomeranian. Adanna believes in meeting each individual where they are at, supporting the fostering of curiosity and compassion towards all aspects of the self, and building empowerment for individuals of all ages to identify and draw upon their own strengths and resilience.